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A reminder about admin / ftp passwords etc.

Started by Ben_S, May 11, 2006, 06:04:37 PM

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It has come to our attention recently that some forum members are helping out with support. This is something we naturally encourage (provided they are competent with SMF of course), however some users have also been asking members to provide them with ftp and forum admin passwords.

Whilst we are sure that the majority of members are honest, we would ask that you think twice before giving out your site passwords to members who are not a part of the Simple Machines team.
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Also, if you need to give your passwords to them, first change your passwords to something else, and after the job is done, restore them back so the people don't have access anymore.

When you give out FTP passwords, create a new FTP account if you can, give permissions to that user, so that the user can only access necessary files (usually forum folder). After things are completed, delete that user or change the password.


HarzeM touches on the subject but I would recommend that you set up temporary users for such things as admin access and ftp and once your issues are resolved then please delete the accounts you created.

p.s I would only ever recommend giving access to your forum to a Support Team member here. Otherwise we cannot answer for the end results!