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Anyone want to test Auto-Rotation for Attachments mod?

Started by dougiefresh, February 24, 2016, 09:52:23 AM

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Original request:
Quote from: bwaynef on February 07, 2016, 09:16:56 PM
I've read several posts about this.  Essentially, someone posts a picture from their phone and when the attachment is accessed, its sideways.  Apparently the thumbnail that the iDevice creates is oriented correctly, but the image itself isn't.  I suspect that data is stored in EXIF data somewhere.

It's also my understanding that this has been handled in at least one gallery product, but I'm not positive of that.  I've read that its not broken and won't be fixed.  I've read its non-trivial.  I've read that simply because ipboard and vBulletin have a feature isn't justification enough for it to be implemented in smf.

I'm hemorrhaging users who are becoming accustomed to Facebook handling the resizing and auto-rotating of images with the click of the upload/post button.  Turns out, the only other major forum whose niche my forum shares also manages to handle both these issues with aplumb.

Could anyone point me to where those changes would need to be made if this can't be dealt with officially?

I've written the mod, but I don't have either a localhost or shared server that supports getting the EXIF information.  Can anyone test this mod for me?  Pictures that may be used are held within the Image Orientation thread over at the ElkArte forum.  Thanks!

[Attachment removed per request]


I see 3 downloads.  Any feedback would be appreciated.  Thanks!


Uh I missed this.  :o

I'm working out of the country but when I get home I see if my xampp can handle that ;)
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Nevermind, I found a PHP class that can read the EXIF information out of an image! And it works, too! Thanks, everybody!

BTW, I have requested the attachment in the first post to be removed....  Just so ya know!

EDIT: The revised mod can be found here!