Author Topic: Vision of a SMF-DIC tionary mod  (Read 1429 times)


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Vision of a SMF-DIC tionary mod
« on: June 21, 2015, 02:17:32 AM »
Valued SMF-Supporter
and valued SMF-Friends,

thinking about solutions about dictionaries within the own resources and no need to leave the forum, it would be good to have a "huge" mode. And that's the vision.

Database for words for different languages, while the kind of languages are settings (not sure if the adding of columns in a table is possible, enable with a waring to loose the data of specific):

id | de_short | de_long | de_author | de_ postlink | en_short | en_long | en_author | en_postlink | es_short ...

Input of existing Data (Import):
It should be possible to import dictionary data on large like simple tables (not sure what kind of file would be good). The import should look up for existing words and add a row to an existing, if the fields are open or make a new row. If it has no author, such should be possible to choose and add.

The Database should also be able to export and maybe maintain it on different places or share it global.

Workingplace should be a Board or Childboard which is the imput-base of the Database:

By starting a new Topic, one can creates a row by filling in additional fields aside of the normal Post (where the word can be discussed as usual).
The Starter has to choose a language, create a word or phrase in a optional field area like "attachments and other opinions" (if already exist just choose it, the description(s) should be displayed and visible so that there are no double entrances of similar author or content.) [de_short], give a (maybe additional) description [de_long] and the origin of the description [de_author].
Field language: list (set by the admin in the mod settings)
Field short: Text input field which proves the existence and give the possibility to chose as well (topic or post name should be equal this field)
Field long: Text field, maybe with some "BBCs" to give some layout and link possibilities and a check box to put the link to a attachment given in the post.

Alternative: Enable it for all boards, that means it would take the Subject as [de_short] as soon a language is set and a description is given in a certain post.

Adding a translation works similar by contribution a post and fill in the fields.

The Field inputs are displayed in the post and can be modified, deleted and have a check-box to close an input to be changed (a certain member-group can be specified to en or disable or delete it. If en or disable by default might be a matter of mod settings). The rest of its manipulation is set by the normal permissions. The deleting of a post should be not possible before not deleted

Display and use of the data within the forum:

A Block visible on the board with
  • Checkbox for the user to enable his translation preview
  • From - to selection
  • A search field to enter a word to be searched
  • Display of results (with links to the word = forum post)

Dynamic display of hovered words (maybe by right click option, so that it is not needed to busy the server and maybe enabled even as a add for the browser general for using it on all websites, as long as the database is reachable) giving the translations (short) in a list and possibility to follow or a link "Want to create a new entrance in the SMF-DIC?

That's the shortcut of the Vision of this tool. Maybe just a dream of a Visionary  :)

Let people use your SMF dic in their browser and get more people involved to participate on the development of your language data base.

The mod should be free accessible for all SMF-user here on the modification download and have similar owner-rights like SMF, given to the SMF-foundation after all as owner (if they accept the over at the end).

If anybody feels inspired to give founding for a certain work, please feel free to add your offer. Of cause to just mod it of it is the greatest founding at least.

The more you have joy with the work and the contributions and the lesser you expect any rewards (money, deals, praise, honor...), the bigger are your rewards after all and secure to come to you.
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Re: Vision of a SMF-DIC tionary mod
« Reply #2 on: June 21, 2015, 09:11:25 PM »
Thanks for the share, seeing a mod called "custom fields" one would not expect. Looks like a huge database management.

Maybe to, let me say professional and to less user friendly in regard of the use and not sure, but maybe difficult to quickly share with another forum, for example.

How about importing a huge set of data?

Looks like a lot to study.

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Re: Vision of a SMF-DIC tionary mod
« Reply #3 on: June 23, 2015, 07:33:49 AM »

I am owner of "Custom fields and filters of post" mod

I believe you can use my mod for this, but I do not quite understand what you want to do. You can create a group type "record" named "Word" with fields:

- name, description in differents languages, and one field (requiered and unique) for key of word (this create only one record for each word)
- key, language, name, description (this create one record for each language).

You must write a example of your idea of data to save/display.

At this moment my mod no import/export data (you can always use phpmyadmin for this...)


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Re: Vision of a SMF-DIC tionary mod
« Reply #4 on: June 23, 2015, 08:37:35 AM »
Sadhu! Thanks for your care and help. Mr. David H.,

Its about mainly Pali-English, german... and vici versa. It is thought that the best way is to modify datas in a way like that (sorry for my no programmer language)

pali for example.

word_pali1 (with additions) - Author....word_english (with additions) - Author
word_pali1 (with additions) - Author....word_english
word_pali1 (with additions) - Author....word_frensh  (with additions) - Author


word english1 ... word pali
and so on.

Don't know maybe just one table.

Its an amout that is 100.000 - Mio. rows. as basis.

Later on, people should be able to contribute, what ever language defined (en, de, pi, ...) cross over all.
So the idea is in this certain case, just to have one. It should be really independent of that. That one might open a post "word_palixy", and others contribute their translations.

After all there "should" be the possibility to use the own work and that of others within the boards translation works or study works. Search by word, maybe pharse. From language to language, preferred author...

Side info: Since it is just a spontaneous Vision, no exact thought are made, but the thought that such would be useful somewhere else as well. Given for example language-files on SMF here, for a possibility to let people participate in any kind of multilingual work. At least, that is a "personal" thought, using resources which are consciously given are better for a long therm as to use this at that "free". So to make a board where people have joy to work. There are also many language forums everywhere and not seen any good solution aside of the professionals who run such databases.

As far as seen, its a huge program and database management, and look like "everything" is possible, but in some how, one needs to guess that not easy people would have the time knowledge and art of thinking to handle it without really study.

Your offer is really huge and Atma (me) is sure that Mr. David H has really a lot of work and is always on side as well (so fare as seen). So Atma really does not like to take much time of yours at least, there would be "nothing" visible in return.

Maybe, Mr Davids like to develop such for a bigger audience in an "costumer" friendly way. Your work is shared to others in our forum and when ever one feel inspired to make, it welcome. The databases, will be provided there as well.

So enough of topic for the "" issue. That is not the main purpose. Never sure how long on net, maybe just one more week, lets see if Atma is able to study it and be able to talk more "individual".

Congratulation to your great works and the art you do it.


(sorry for bad English, a little tired already)