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Tiny Portal Poll for a child board

Started by redone, September 15, 2005, 01:12:48 AM

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Should Bloc's Tiny Portal receive a child board here?

Yes Tinyportal should have a child board.
402 (80.7%)
No it should not.
40 (8%)
I don't care either way.
56 (11.2%)

Total Members Voted: 483


The topic has already been discussed elsewhere in another thread. But, in good forum tradition let's have a poll for feedback regarding a child board here in the SMF community for Bloc's Tiny Portal.

Please vote! Thank you.



Cast my vote...affirmative...now 2 for 1 against  0 don't care

@ redone
Thanks for starting the poll :)


I would vote yes only if Bloc and others are willing to support it here, so there arent any unanswered questions. So yeah from me, although I dont use it :/


I believe this is an eventuality.  But it may be a bit premature right now.
After Bloc's code is released in a 'stable' version, you will see a huge number of SMF users flock to this great Portal.  I have also been a beta tester for the TinyPortal project, and I can tell you it will
have a huge impact on the SMF community when it is released to the public.

I do fear dividing Bloc's attention, but if other portals have thier own child board/topic/catagories, then it would
be an insult to not have one for TinyPortal.


Well to be honest Bloc's portal is one of true integration with SMF. For those that have been lucky to beta test tinyportal and I am one we already know this to be true.

In my opinion other portals say for example mkportal have pretty much gone down a different route to bloc. MKportal for example recently did not and I am not sure if they do now support current SMF beta's.

Registering to use Bloc's portal is as simple as placing a post in this thread:

I think we should all show our support and encourage bloc to continue his excellent work with this portal. What better support can you get than the SMF community itself?

Thank you to all those that have voted so far.



i am also a beta tester of this portal, it's far better than mkportal or simple portal... easy to use, well integrated, and great support. fully customizable too :)


I voted yes -- Still trying to get my 5 bucks
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I voted yes.  I've seen it in action and it looks great and easy to use.
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Keep 'em coming! Thank you to all those that have taken part. If you know someone who hasn't voted yet please tell them to come and vote.



QuoteI do fear dividing Bloc's attention, but if other portals have thier own child board/topic/catagories, then it would be an insult to not have one for TinyPortal.


Bloc has decided on controlled beta testing and not released a crude mod, against the grain. TinyPortal is somewhat more than a simple mod, it greatly expands the capability of SMF and creates an effective Portal.


Where i can see the sample of bloc tinyportal?
Never see it.

Btw i vote yes



33 votes for and 5 for no! I think it's looking like people are pretty much for the idea of a child board for tiny portal!  :D


I also feel that Tinyportal should have a child board.  (and have voted as such)

There was a time when an official portal was mentioned/entertained and this is a) far better and b) Bloc is a highly respected and contributary member.

My 10 pence (ok cents for the americans  :D)


I voted yes.
If Bloc wants to chip in and help SMF be better and stonger and more good looking, than more power to him=)
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Since a lot of people would find it useful, and Bloc himself would like it, I voted 'Yes'.  :)


Thanks for the yes vote. A lot of people probably don't even know Tinyportal exists.