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url=<custom_code> in post icon
« on: September 14, 2005, 04:50:34 AM »
In each post both subtitle of the post and
 the icon located to the left from the subtitle
have the same urls pointing to the post.
It is not very reasonable.

The url behind the icon could be formed by the program
according to the User's option "Custom code in post icon".

Right_mouse_button clicking and "Copy shortcut" of the icon
places the icon_url_code to the keyboard buffer.

Including such codes into the post_replies by the User
will provide the customable desireble effect for the User
with no any problems for the.. ~[Unknown]'s SEO post~.

For examples:

1. unknown77 would custom (or select) the forming
   of "url+title" code string.. i.e.
Code: [Select]
[url=] topic in url ?[/url]
Effect: topic in url ?

2. Somebody else would custom just the code of the linked title
   without any visible url
    (hidden under the text of the link):
Code: [Select]
[url=]"Subscribe User to User"[/url]
"Subscribe User to User"

3. Personally I would custom the code of global quote
   of the corresponding post..
    but with the Disabled_Today "date=" parameter
     in the header of the quote
Code: [Select]
[quote author="[url=][size=2][u]gri on: ~Today~ at 03:51:50 PM, in ~Global Quoting~,
global_link=msg225763 Disabled_Today_date=[/u][/size][/url]"]
Quoting SHOULD admit GLOBAL link.[/quote]
Quote from: [url=][size=2][u]gri on: ~Today~ at 03:51:50 PM, in ~Global Quoting~,
global_link=msg225763 Disabled_Today_date=[/u][/size][/url]
Quoting SHOULD admit GLOBAL link.

4. Somebody else should custom something else
   FOR HIMSELF in the post icon link.



In all cases SMF should admit off-line quoting.
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