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problem with permissions :-(

Started by b0tze, September 13, 2012, 04:20:05 PM

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Hi there,

I use SMF V2.02 since a couple of days (error log is still clear) and now I am trying to set up the permissions. I must admit that I don't know much about this stuff (yet)... and probably my problem is caused by inexperience. I have spend hours researching for a tutorial of setting this up but the best I found was the basic description of membergroups and permissions which didn't help me much  :-\

My "regular members" can see every board, although I created a permission profile where regular members have zero permissions and used this profile for all exept one of my boards.

I limited "visible boards" for all post count based groups only to that one "public" board.

I want unregistered useres (guests) not to have any permissions except to register. after registration ("regular members") they should only see one category containing one board in which they can read and post. They should only see all the other categories and boards after I set them manually to the usergroup "verified members"

I wish there was a possibility to easily put members in groups and define which boards are visible to which group. So I'd be glad if someone could give me a hint... even if it is a hint where I should have found the answer  :'(

Thanks a lot


How about loads of stuff? :)

Don't forget, though, that if you have post-count groups and non-post-count groups (They should have abbreviations for those!!) someone might inherit permissions from both groups. (Which is why my forum has no post-count groups). ;)

Also, have a look at creating Permission Profiles. (I've never used 'em, myself. But, so I'm told, they're incredibly useful).

Chas Large

The important thing to remember about permissions is that they're cumulative not overriding. So if you set up a new membergroup "based off" regular members then that group inherits all their permissions.

If you go to any member's profile > profile info > show permissions, you'll see what they can do and where those permissions come from.

So if you have a new group with certain "extra" permissions then these will be added to the permissions that member gets from the "regular members" group. BUT if you have a new group with LESS permissions than "Regular Members" this will NOT remove the permissions they already have, you need to change their primary group to remove permissions.

The system was built on the premise that as the members progress up the post count league or get added to new groups they GAIN permissions, not loose them.

So I start with removing the permissions from the default group and as they post more or join other groups they get more power.

Hope this helps.
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Thanks a lot for your quick answers!
I have allready seen the wiki descriptions, but did not find my answers there (my understanding of english might be a problem too, but there is no translation in the german section). I tryed a lot yesterday night and now I figured it out:

Now new registered members are in "no primary membergroup" and I set this group to zero permissions. They see only one board where they can introduce themself. After this, I assign them to be "verified members" (my own created membergroup that has exact right like the default "no primary membergroup") so that they have access to all categories and boards.

In case anyone reading this with the same problem:
My biggest problem was: How can I hide boards from members with "no primary membergroup"? And I did not uncheck the box "regular members" of all the boards i wanted to hide (in the section "manage board" - "modify".

Cheeers, b0tze