Author Topic: Entrusting the rights by the Users  (Read 3255 times)

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Entrusting the rights by the Users
« on: August 22, 2005, 02:51:04 AM »
Quote from: Grudge Personal Signature:
Grudge is out of town until the 22nd August -
 so don't expect him to reply

~Not to Grudge~:

The life of a Human Being is filled by his absence
 at the desired Space extents or Time durations.
It is also sometimes interrupted by reincarnation process
 or is restricted by a spiritual death.
In the similar cases a User is not able to reply to the reality
 in an usual manner.
But the spirit still live in some other Users
 who can reply on behalf instead of the User.

Now the request.
Is it possible to improve the Buddies Table
so that the User could define for a Buddy
or a list of predefined Buddies

the set of objects for entrusting the rights
 equal to the User's rights.

I suppose that among the examples of objects
 could be the links to
  User's single Post,
  User's Topic,
  Forum Board.. as a set of included User's topics
   (optionally "All"),
  User's Profile.. as a right to change all User's Settings,
  Separate "Modify Profile" pages.

This feature will also allow the Users
 to help Newbies or foreigners
  to adjust the Human Settings

and will provide a lot of other comforts.

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Re: Entrusting the rights by the Users
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2005, 12:27:24 PM »
I think it's best to let the board administrator(s) handle permissions and access rights.
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