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Started by teos55, May 21, 2011, 01:22:00 PM

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What is the way of showing "unread posts"  in each board description (dont know the official name)

for smf 1.1.13  default theme ?

What I mean, attached


Not entirely sure what you want to know, Teos.

But, take a look at index.english.php, in the default theme's "languages" directory, for this line:

$txt['unread_topics_visit'] = 'Recent Unread Topics';


i dont think this is a feature that is supported in 1.1.1* it is a 2.0* feature.


 [email protected], Did you have a chance to see attached file and and the marked fields ?.

Illori,  I've seen this field in a smf 1.1.13 forum, for along time. Seems can be done.

nb. I've tried to put a modified version of this in the  Category edit, full name:  field.

"</a href="http://www.simplemachines.org/community/index.php?action=unread;c=11">Unread Posts</a>"

  it worked, but when I click, goes to login screen, rather then showing unread.


Yeah, I did.

I must've simply misunderstood what you're attemting, though, I'm afraid.


 OK, this performs what I want, ( a clickable "unread posts" text on the Board description, and performs unread posts only specific to that post ) but only alignment is missing.

<a class="unreadlink" href="http://www.mysite.org/index.php?action=unread;c=22">*** UNREAD POSTS *** </a>

Now the question is how to align to the right ?


 After further search, I found  this mod http://custom.simplemachines.org/mods/index.php?mod=609

  But this is not language dependent. Puts the text "unread post" to the category in boardindex.template.php.

How can I make it language dependent ?


If you ask here:


They'll have a far better idea than us.

It's the mod's support topic. :)


I did [email protected],
last update was 2.10.2010 :-) Hoping an answer in that topic. Thanks