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Ignore posts
« on: July 24, 2005, 04:06:56 PM »
Ignore User + Invisible posts = Ignore posts

I will try to make a modification.

Can anybody make such a modification ? :

Any User should be able
 to check (mark) any post as "invisible for himself".

I suppose there could be the User's List
 of the posts' numbers the person consider to be invisible.
As well as the List of Invisible Members if the User want.

Also there should be an option for the User
to select (one of) the modes of the topic display -

1. "Perfect" - Only the posts still ~visible~
    should be sent to the User as usual.
   The other posts in this mode,
   i.e. not marked yet as invisible
    by either _the Author of a topic OR the User_
     and not of the member marked as Ignored
    by either _the Author of a topic OR the User_ , -

   are invisible absolutely
    (neither other posts nor links to them instead of the posts
             are visible).
   This mode should be the Default both for Users and for Guests.

2. "Advanced" -
   The posts which are still visible by the Author of the topic
   are being sent to the User as usual
   but the posts marked as invisible
    by either the Author or the User,

    though all included in the sent .htm topic page..,
     are replaced just with the header link to the post
      which can be then displayed through the link
       (i.e. unfolded) while reading..
        even _after_ the online session has finished.

3. "Fully visible" - All posts are being sent to the User
    as fully visible
    according to the User's choice "Fully visible"
    independently from anybody's opinion to make them invisible.

(4. - is there any additional choice needed.. i wonder ?)


Although the preparation of the quote of any post
(and the Quote button itself as well)
should be accessible independently from anybody's
 "mark invisible" marks for the original post
   to use the quote in other topics or at other forums,

on the contrary
the Reply to the post (when it is) marked as invisible
                              by the Author of a topic
 or belongs to the member marked as Ignored
                              by the Author of a topic

can be restricted inside the same topic..
or at least redirected in this case.
I prefer the suggestion of the program
 to redirect the Reply to the "to member_nick" topic.

The reply should also not be restricted for any topic
 where the member has become an Author.

So the status of "Invisible post"
 and "The link to the Invisible post"
are just cases 1 and 2 in the "Ignore post" feature above.


"Ignore User" is only a part of "Ignore post" feature.

For example, in the Default Perfect mode
 any member's posts can be invisible for the User

 because any member is included in the topic_Author's Ignore List.

But at the same time
in the multiple neighbouring topics of other Authors
 the same member can remain normally visible for the same User..

~until the User will invite the member to his Ignore List~.

Since that moment the User becomes an additional Ignorer
in the member's "Ignorers List".


The _known fact_ of the Ignored post by the Author of the topic
is a good reason for the poster
either to modify or delete his original post..

Hence, the User should be notified automatically
 about the fact of marking his post as invisible
  by the Author of a topic.

More so the User should be notified
 about the fact of including of the User
  in the Ignore List of an Author.

While reading the topic the User should also be
 additionally reminded about being Ignored by the Author,
so there is an additional exception to the algorithm -

in the default Perfect mode of topic display
 _only_ the link to the invisible ignored post of the member
  should _always_ be displayed to the ignored member himself..
   with the warning
    ~Sorry, Your post is not visible in the Default Display mode~.

It is important that the User had an easy access
not only to his "Ignore List" (nicks, whom he ignores)
but also read only access
 to the automatically supported

  ~"You are Ignored by:" List~
    (nicks, by whom the User is ignored. Ignorers.).

(Only) Being awared about his Ignorer
the User can sometimes abstain voluntarily
from posting directly to the Ignorer's topic.

And sometimes.. will be stopped by the program.

Thus the total number of posts
 pretending to be ignored by any Users
can be reduced with no rude any moderators.

There is no a question whether to allow or not
to ignore moderators.
There is just no such a word "moderator".
Will not be.
                            Only the "Author"..

and co-Authors.

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