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allow/deny membergroups to access boards

Started by leegreaves, March 06, 2011, 02:34:24 AM

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Im wondering if in a future SMF 2.0RC(6?), if you can add the feature of being able to set which members/membergroups are allowed or denied access to boards upon creation. The way RC5 is EXTREMELY confusing so I think it needs to take a step (or two) back and go a bit simpler. In essence when you create a board there should be the option to set permissions for who can access the board and who cannot.

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When you create a board, you can choose what membergroups have access. Any unchecked membergroups will not have access.
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There is no way to deny access to a group though - you would have to move people around between groups to make sure they can't access it, e.g. a 'Banned' membergroup.
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Thank you for sharing the idea.
As it was said above, membergroups with access can be specified when the board is created.
As for denying access, yes, I agree it should be added to SMF, and/or an official mod. We are looking into doing that for upcoming versions. (after 2.0, that is, 2.1 and future.)

I'm moving this topic though, as there are quite a number of repeated topics on this, like the one linked above:
Deny Access to board
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