[Free/Paid] Advanced Profile Fields Permissions

Started by Spoogs, January 18, 2011, 10:47:11 AM

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SMF 2.0 RC3+

Permission to view Advanced Profile Fields
- View Own/Any
- Edit Own/Any

Must apply to all areas that the fields can be shown.. profile, topic etc
Fields that show on topic should have permissions at board level (permission profiles) and not just general.

Currently SMF only offers show to everyone/owner/admin, in some cases there are fields I would like only a certain group to see the fields.

I'm willing to pay for this (cost dependent of course) whether free or paid, I'd still like it released to the community.



I'm also willing to donate.  I'll add $20 (not just talk, I've paid for support, and paid for MODs on this site) to Spoogs price; as long as permissions can be added for member groups to edit a custom profile field (instead of the "admin only" option.)

I'm on SMF 2 RC4

Based from my request topic here.  http://www.simplemachines.org/community/index.php?topic=420776.msg2942624#msg2942624



Thank You, live627  :)  Look forward to your updates, when you have the time to look at this.


I just now finished it and will post it up on my site in a few


OMG!  Can't wait, not sure what spoogs was planning, but I'll send my payment once i can verify it works :)

I'm mainly worried about other membergroups being able to edit the "admin only can edit" options.


Custom Field Permissions http://dev.live627.com/index.php

admin only can edit/view can be done ONLY by admin


Well, I took the gamble, and it has all the options, but it's not working, when I use a test account with test permissions.

Seta  custom profile field to "Inherit from permissions" ... set that membergroups permissions to "View Any" & "Edit Any" under the custom profile field option

Went to a random members profile, to edit, and the only custom field option they can see & edit, are the options members can edit themselves.

And, by reading how the permissions are set up, these affect ALL custom profile fields ... I need them to be specific for each custom profile field option.  (some i want members to be able to edit themself, others i ONLY want staff to be able to edit)


in theory, I think it might work, in my case, if you also left the option "Users can see this field, owner can edit"  along with the other options below "Inherit from Permissions" on the custom profile admin page.  THEN, the one's i Only want staff to be allowed to edit, would come from the Inherit Permissions option; that's added under membergroups.

Though, even with all this said, I still couldn't even get the initial options to work on a test account.

I'm still testing.

EDIT #2 ::::

Just updating, and getting nowhere :(  i'll supply pics

Pic Below shows my custom profile field options, and which ones WERE admin only(as said in the description of each), but changed ALL to "Inherit Permissions"

Here are the permissions set to my test account.

and, here's wghat the profiel edit page shows when editing a profile on my test account

^^ the ONLY 2 options that member's should be able to edit themselves ???

EDIT #3  ....

I know you're gonna hate me for all of this, but found soemthing else while testing and a temp fix ...

I uninstalled the mod, then I set ALL the custom profile field options to "User can see, owner can edit"  , THEN i installed the MOD again.  And, now, I can get the options to appear in profiles under the membergroup's permissions I set for those.

Took a lot of tiral & error, and work around :P

But, since I was the first customer, and I worked tirelessly and found these few errors, would you PLEASE, add the option I ask for  "Users can see this field, owner can edit" with the other profile field admin options, in th pic I'll provide below.   

So I may get full use of the MOD, I intended for?

thank You.  I hope all this trouble I went through helps, any.


I think it would be easier on everyone if I made the permissions to be specific to each field, with add own or any and edit own or any.


Not sure what you mean, I've edited a lot back into my post.  Are you saying you're leaving it as is?

Ok?  But all I'm asking for is that ONE option to be added back.  "Users can view this field, Owners can edit"

^  that 1 line option being readded would solve all of this nad making Inherit Permissions the last option, I promise :)


Just seeing this... thanks for taking this on live, i'll get at it pretty soon

@live each field should have its own permissions, I agree there

@hcfwesker - What live is saying is that instead of just adding general permissions to view or edit own/any fields, it should be that each profile field has it own permissions (if that makes sense)


Ok, that option is back. The updated package is in the same download link.

I do appreciate you testing and thank you for it. And please let me know if any further problems crop up. :)


Ah spoogs replied. Tomorrow I'll add individual field permissions and bump the version to 1.1.


Quote from: live627 on March 02, 2011, 11:02:47 PM
Ok, that option is back. The updated package is in the same download link.

I do appreciate you testing and thank you for it. And please let me know if any further problems crop up. :)

You are awesome, live!!!  I'll test them out some more tonight :)

I hope you didn't think of me as a pest :D  Just wanted to be the guinnae pig for this, cause I've asked for it several times :)  thank you so much for taking on the task.


for some reason, it's not showing anything now on my test account, in it's OWN profile field options :( 

I need sopme rest :D  I'll wait for the newew update with the new field specific permissions.


No you are very far from a pest from my perspective


Just letting you know, for some reason, now it won't even show the 'edit' profile field to a regular member at all ; even when selecting "Users can see, owner can edit".  I've tried uninstalling, like before, and changing the profile field options in every different way , but it won't show for regular members to edit, UNLESS they have the permissions, even if I set it to "Users can see, owner can edit".

I know it's got something to do with the 3rd Profile.php edit ; and I tried different adjustments to that edit in the code, but I fail as a coder :(

Can't wait to see the next version.  :)   Do existing customers get the next updates at no extra charge?  I'm assuming so, just making sure lol


Yes existing customers get free updates for a year


I did some experimenting, and think I have it working now, I decided to try the original zip, before you made the changes I asked for.  I don't want to publicly post the edits here, since this is a paid MOD.  I'll PM you with what I did, and see maybe if that will work (unless you're still going to make each profile field have it's own set of permissions in the next version?)


This is from the ORIGINAL zip, and with my edits

OK, now I have something important, and why I believe it wasn't working.    Let's say I have 5 custom profile fields.   1,2,3,4,5  in that order in the admin menu.   Whichever number I select to be "users can see, only admin can edit"  ... ALL the custom profile fields listed underneath it, also adapt that field's settings.   I think there's a missng loop in the code, cause once it reads an 'admin only' permission, it automatically stops listing the ones that follow.


1, user see, owner edits
2, users see owner edits
3, users see, admin only edit
4, user see, owner edits
5, users see owner edits

ONLY fields 1 & 2 will show on a member's profile edit page for that member, even though 4 & 5 have the same settings, cause the 'admin only' for 3 ... causes the break.


From today's changelog:
+ Each custom field now has its own permission
! Logic error: Function quit when a certain field could not be displayed, adversely hiding all fields below it

hcfwesker: Could you upload my initial package in the Download Archives thread? When I made the changes I seem to have inadvertently overwritten it :(


the VERY first one, I'll goto the site now and attach it :)

THEN, off to test the latest version :)

Also, for me, lol, can you forward the PM I sent to you, it didn't save in my sent folder, and I forgot all the changes I made, so i can uninstall it :D