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SMF How Youtube Embed

Started by Vietkid420, May 29, 2010, 08:11:11 PM

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How do I embed youtube video on my smf forum. I have smf 2.  Is they any way of doing it without  mods like a manual way. If not can someone teach me how to install the mods. My forum is hxxp:codforum.tk/ [nonactive]

sorry if someone already made a topic about this.



hay there!
welcome to smf, but you should start this topic in support forums not here.

here you go, you can try aeva media auto embedder mod or Youtube BBCmod.

to install mod, go to admin panel>download packages>upload mod> and then click on install and install the mod. thats all.


Can these mods be installed with out FTP access?


You could install them through you admin panel using the package manager.