Announcing a new look for SMF 2.0: Curve

Started by bloc, February 16, 2009, 03:28:03 PM

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Simple Machines is extremely proud to announce the addition of a new default theme for SMF 2.0.  Codenamed "Curve", the new default theme is the culmination of our efforts to offer a more semantically correct default theme.  In addition, with a heavier reliance on CSS for positioning and styling, Curve should help both experienced and amateur theme designers, as well as inexperienced forum admins more easily create customized themes. It will also allow greater freedom for theme designers to create impressive CSS-based themes. 

Some of Curve's main features include:

- A fresh and smooth design that is easy on the eyes
- Expandable css-based drop-down menu capability on the Board Index, Profile, Moderation, and Administration pages
- Better semantic use of tables and other XHTML tags.
- Increased use of CSS for positioning and styling of elements

In an effort to provide a better theme to our members, the SMF team has also invited a small number of theme, HTML and CSS designers to participate in the design, bugfixing, and polishing stages of Curve development.  The invitees include several well known and talented theme designers.

As some of our members may remember, some time ago, we posted a topic inquiring which of the bundled SMF themes our members use as their default.  After evaluating these numbers, we have decided to bundle both "Curve" and "Core", the current SMF Default Theme, with SMF 2.0.  The older default themes, "Babylon" and "classic" will still be maintained by the team and will be made available via our Theme Site, but will be removed from the SMF download package.  This will help minimize the size of the SMF 2.0 download archive in the future.

Curve is tentatively scheduled to be available with the release of SMF 2.0 RC2.  While we currently do not have a timeframe for RC2's release, we continue to work diligently to finish it as soon as possible.

For now, please enjoy a few early screen shots of Curve in action!

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Tarvitsetko apua SMF foorumisi kanssa? Otan työtehtäviä vastaan, lue:


Very very nice :P :) Good job SMF Team.


Not bad at all. I can't wait to see it in action :)



Ah!  That explains those images in the sigs :D



Nice, I was wondering when it would be announced and we'd get to see full images of it.  :)


Does this mean I can remove the thing from my sig now?

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Congrats guys and gals of the SMF team! The road to 2.0 Final is going to be very exciting. :)


Quote from: regularexpression on February 16, 2009, 03:56:48 PM
Does this mean I can remove the thing from my sig now?

If you'd like.   I intend to leave it for a few days and add a link to this topic around mine.
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This is great news. It will make a lot of people real happy :) The new theme looks very beautiful and stylish. Well done :)

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Great work! It's a very nice professional looking theme.  ;D
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looks like some really nice eliments in this but something i think that seriously lets down the default theme that could really be improved on is the recent posts section of the info center which in my view is appauling..... its all bunched up together and not easily defineable, everything about themes is structured, divided, sectioned, in columns etc yet the info center isnt

a suggestion as an improvement is to have nice columned recent posts like this

and possibly have a scroll bar so that for example 100 recent posts can be shown in a small space rather than either showing either just a small amount of recent posts or having the recent posts taking up more space than your actual forum cats & boards do


Quote from: SunKing on February 16, 2009, 04:41:09 PM
Great work! It's a very nice professional looking theme.  ;D
And we're all hard at work making sure that by the time it is released it'll be even better.  8)