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September 22, 2021, 04:07:11 PM


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Advanced Contact Form

Started by Deprecated, September 26, 2008, 06:15:53 PM

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The code I added should simply create a "notification" visible to your moderators, containing whatever detail you require. If you include the email info in that detail then it's upto whoever picks up the contact to decide what to do with it, and how to deal with it.


Its pretty complicated. I dont think i know that much to customize the code to have reply option for moderators for each contact request. Thanks anyways.


Probably still worth the trouble doing as you'd have a "hard copy" of all completed contact forms, somewhere in your forum. The reply option would just involve clicking the supplied email address to open up your email client ready to reply to the 'form'.

Ah well, the technology is there if you ever change your mind.


All set up. Set up SMTP - but e-mail has not come
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This mod package is scheduled for an update to SMF 2.0.6 in the near future and I'll address any problems at that time. Thank you for the feedback.

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Total mess for me. I had like 150 errors in less than 20 minutes and had to uninstall it immediately when i saw these things as well:

  • Email check not working because it doesn't / can't check the db.

  • No captcha settings, i would like users to insert captcha as well.

  • (Bad one) IP detection wrong because of CloudFlare, i have already my CloudFlare mod installed but the IPs detected and sent through the emails are wrong despite on the forum are correct.

  • (Bad one) No permission settings available, users should have at least a number of messages before being able to use this form, this is due to spammers and the inability to communicate to the db.

Too bad i had to reinstall the previous one i was using D:
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It's so powerful that on this post and even in the two PMs you sent me,you still answered my question very quickly and you're apologizing for the delay. You're the #1 support I've probably ever encountered man, so much respect for that. Thank you, and get better soon.

I'll keep this in my siggy for a while just to remind me that someone appreciated what I did while others didn't.

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Bruce the Shark

This mod installed first go for me.
I had no error except at first the email show an error but after adjusting some setting it all seems good to go.
One note that i should mention is, that on my navigation menu it is in upper case ( CONTACT ) which i prefer to use lower case.
Just wondering does anyone know where i could edit this file manually?


Modifications.english.php in your languages directory.

Code (Find) Select
$txt['contact_form_default_tab_label'] = 'CONTACT';

Code (Replace With) Select
$txt['contact_form_default_tab_label'] = 'Contact';

Bruce the Shark

I did it
wow to easy.
Thanks for that.
Sensational ;D

Bruce the Shark

December 22, 2014, 05:11:08 PM #149 Last Edit: December 23, 2014, 04:35:29 PM by Bruce the Shark
Latest update
not to sure about this but
It appears now that the Captcha code is not displaying in my browsers
Suddenly this has just happened.
I am still, able to send an email but without the code which is a concern as i might get spammed.
Not really sure as to why this has stopped?
Any ideas?


Maybe I'll check it out in the near future on one of my 2.0.9 forums and address any bugs if present. I see the need for a contact form in the near future and might as well use my own mod.

I've written a few CAPTCHA modules since I wrote this mod, so I have a lot of  new experience and may rewrite it to be more suitable.

I guess I've just been involved with so many paying projects and no donations coming in from mods that I follow the money.


I'm also seeing the same errror (eregi) when using this on the latest release (2.0.9).
Should I:
1. Ignore?
2. Use another Contact mod instead?

And also this error:
8: Undefined variable: hostName
File: /home/downlo23/public_html/Sources/Contact.php

Thanks in advance...

Quote from: badger413 on February 04, 2011, 12:16:55 AM
I am getting this error log message.

8192: Function eregi() is deprecated
Apply Filter: Only show the errors from this file
File: /usr/www/ag/public/Sources/Contact.php
Line: 164

What do I need to do?


I just tested this on my 2.0.9 test forum with default settings except for where to send the email to, and it worked perfectly. You do have to check at least one of "guests" or "members" to activate the tab.

Could you give me more info? Perhaps it is some ISP related matter. I'm using it on 1&1. Tell me what PHP version you are using.

Php.net says: This function has been DEPRECATED as of PHP 5.3.0. Relying on this feature is highly discouraged. Maybe I need to find another function. Any advice will be appreciated.  What replaces this?

Could you please check "Skip sender email address domain record check:" and see if this solves the problem? I think that's the function I used to check MX records to verify it's a valid email address and not bogus like xyz.abc. With that unchecked you require a real MX record so that people won't make up phony email domains. You know, like eat_my_lunch.dummy or something.

I think I rewrote this on my own custom CDS to use a different function. It could be just 30 minutes work to update the mod to use my new method.

Feed me back.

Heh, DEPRECATED. Now you now why I picked my username. Because I'm deprecated, obsolete, good for nothing.


Quote from: Michael Kopka on October 03, 2008, 12:21:37 PM
i integrated the mod in my board but for testing it always says the email adress is invalid. i tried with some different ones. whats wrong with it.

here my board: www.autotrac.org

CHECK where it says "Skip sender email address domain record check." It is not compatible with later versions of PHP.

If I get enough feedback I may modify the forum to use a PHP 5.4+ version of the check, or maybe just remove it.


Given that PHP 5.3 is end of life, that would be a good idea.
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Click here to see the topic where i wish to bold the "CONTACT" app button.
The configuration of my Linux VPS (SMF 2.0 with 160+ mods & some assorted manual tweaks) can be found here and notes on my mods can be found here (warning: those links will take you to a drug related forum). My (House) music DJ dedication page is here


The configuration of my Linux VPS (SMF 2.0 with 160+ mods & some assorted manual tweaks) can be found here and notes on my mods can be found here (warning: those links will take you to a drug related forum). My (House) music DJ dedication page is here


Hi, nice MOD.

Something useful would be to automatically parse username and respective email address on name and sender's email once logged in, it's fairly meaningless to put registered users fill in their own data.


Paracelsus, i can't agree. I love this mod and it's very effective the way it is ... besides, you may want to receive mail at another account.

So easy to use. Good job.
The configuration of my Linux VPS (SMF 2.0 with 160+ mods & some assorted manual tweaks) can be found here and notes on my mods can be found here (warning: those links will take you to a drug related forum). My (House) music DJ dedication page is here


Thank you for the compliments on my modification.

Considering my work load at my day job plus the fact that the modification works well with all versions of SMF 2.0.x I have no plans at the present time to recode this mod and change or add new features.

There is always the temptation to make anything better and better. We engineers have a saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

I will reconsider when SMF 2.1 stable is released.