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Where to find the package parser and How to use the package parser

Started by stageducky, April 19, 2008, 02:30:00 AM

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How to use the package parser:

1) you do not need to install the parser in your server.

2) The package parser is located at sleepycode.com

3) to use the package parser, follow these steps:
a) Go to one of package parser location
b) upload your mod zip files package
c) choose your SMF version
d) Under "Operation" select: Uninstall
e) under "Edit" select: All edit

A window will pop up showing all the corrections that needs to be done, also the indication of which folders and php files are affected. You will notice, there is a "find" and a "replace"

If you have dreamweaver or whatever html processing software you are usiing, go to:
"Edit -> Find and Replace"

Copy the segment on "find" and paste that into your "dreamweaver's FIND"
If nothing is found, move on to try the second segment of the find and replace

if something is found:
Copy the segment on "replace" and paste that into your "dreamweaver's REPLACE"

That will do the job. You must be patience and go through each code.

Then save and upload the corrected files.

Many times the problems exist to your error code is simply the fact that default code has been corrupted by the installation of the mods. This assumption base on the fact that you have uninstall a mod and then the errors occur.

The package parser is very useful in helping you to identify the problems area. Thereby possibly restoring the forum to its formal glory.

I am posting this because, as a newbie, no instruction was givenon how to use it. So when I first bumped into issues I had a hard time trying to figure out where to get this parser, do I have to install this, how to install this etc... the solution is much simpler then I thought and so here are my contributions to those who need help on using the parser.


You can also do this now in the mod site itself.
SMF now allows you to view the edits within the modsite.

Goto a mod page
Select your version and click submit.
Then you'll see it like
http://custom.simplemachines.org/mods/index.php?action=parse;mod=977;attach=51845;smf_version=2.0 Beta 3 Public


Quote from: karlbenson on April 19, 2008, 04:54:15 PM
You can also do this now in the mod site itself.
SMF now allows you to view the edits within the modsite.
Yes, this is great!


OK, Are there any package parsers out there that you can parse code for RC2?

I can't do the one by sleepy and the one from JBlaze seems to be gone.  Is there another one I need to bookmark now that is up and running and able to parse RC2 packages?

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