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Test drive
« on: December 01, 2007, 12:40:46 AM »
Checking out your board. I been using YaBB forever, but my host (Lunarpages) sent nastigram, claiming I am using too many server resources. They booted me off to an exile server: [nonactive]

So I am looking for less of a resource hog.

Friend recommended SMF. I actually had old copy of YaBB SE installed, years ago .. to demo, but dropped interest when the line was abandoned.

I read over at ForumMatrix you have no WYSIWYG editor. Wanted to see for myself. [nonactive]

Why is SMF better than phpBB v3?

SMF can import my (30K) posts from YaBB 2.1, yes?

This board seems fast .. definitely faster than YaBB.

Do you have dark-themes templates? These bright/white designs hurt my eyes. (I'm a vampire.)

I see you have v2.0 in beta. When is it scheduled for release? (ballpark eta)
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