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MOD to send ALL posts to ALL users

Started by james88, November 20, 2007, 09:13:32 AM

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At the moment, SMF can be set to notify all users of new topics made in the forum (when then click on notify above the board). SMF can also currently be set by the user to receive replies via email within a topic, but only if the user has contributed to that topic (i.e. posted).

What I (and many others need as is evident from searching posts on this forum and indeed the vBulletin, IPB forum communities), is a setting that allows ALL POSTS (Subject and content) to be sent to ALL users.

This could be set by the individual user, or/and indeed as a global setting from the Admin Control Panel.

This MOD would allow SMF to work in a similar way to Yahoo Groups (I am currently migrating from a Yahoo group).

I appreciate, there is a scalability issue with this, but my forum only has 200 members, and I'm quite sure that the large %age of SMF forums out there only have similar number.

YABB forum currently allows this to happen (it's the only one I know of that does - other than phpBB with the web2forum add-on) - but I really like SMF and want to use it.

I feel this would be really easy to code. I am a reasonable php programmer but don't feel I'm good enough to do this properly. I do feel that a bit of code added around line 1913 of Post.php would probably do the trick (even as a crude measure to get this working).

I am using SMF 1.1.4

I look forward to hearing form any of you.

Best Wishes

PS. This MOD would make SMF PERFECT! - I really feel that many users of small forums (i.e. 200 to 1000 members) should be given the OPTION to receive all posts from all users (subject + content) to their email box - they can then click on the link (as in the current topic notification) and post to the board conveniently without having to visit the board directly every day.


Its been requested before.  I think theres two reasons why it hasnt been created.

a) Alot of webhosts have hourly or daily limits on the amounts of emails that can be sent
Common examples (but my no means the smallest limits that I have seen imposed) are 100 per hour / 1000 per day

So for a forum with 100 members.  If you have 1 post per hour, you will have reached your hourly limit.
And after 10 hours, your daily limit.

b) Sending out that many emails is likely to get you on spam blocklists faster than Wyle Cayote.
(Users will likely report the emails as spam)