Author Topic: Please start new topics for new requests  (Read 7582 times)

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Please start new topics for new requests
« on: October 21, 2004, 09:47:24 PM »
Thanks for taking the time to come here and try to resolve your problems.  We're glad you're using SMF, and happy to support you.

However, posting a reply to a topic where someone had a similar issue will usually just tend to confuse people, and decrease your chance of support.  Often, support specialists will see the topic and think, "I rememeber that, I helped get that resolved... I guess someone just wanted to say 'worked for me too', so I won't waste my time reading it."

It can also irritate the original poster, who may or may not still use the topic or have the forum set to send them notifications of replies to it.  At times, it can even confuse support specialists between the two issues (which may be different, but seem the same) and only slow down support.

It's great to search, and we very much appreciate it... but if you only find older topics, and none of them resolve your issue... please do start another topic.  If you were linked to this topic, it means someone thought you were doing just that.

Thanks again,