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Board structure corrupt

Started by sanax, February 08, 2007, 12:45:23 PM

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I received this error on my test board. It just happened suddenly! Any ideas?

QuoteAn Error Has Occurred!
Board structure corrupt: unable to find parent board 


was your test board set as a child board and does that parent board still exist?
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I had no child boards, only 3 boards under a 'General' category. I see the boards still exsist in the database but it seems to me the board structure collapsed. What worries me is that I didn't do anyting... I logged in, browse and suddenly this error message appeared. I can't log in to admin or the forum.


It just wont let you log in?

Do you get any error when trying to log in?

Do you have a link we can see?

Did you install and mods or make any changes in the recent past?


I'm stucked logged in and can't log out.

No I haven't install or made any changes in last month...

Here is a link:


Have you tried Admin --> Forum Maintenance --> Find and repair any errors.


Quote from: pmp6nl on February 08, 2007, 07:08:30 PM
Have you tried Admin --> Forum Maintenance --> Find and repair any errors.

I can't get into admin! lol... I can't use any of the links and it'll give this error!


Well according to they replaced index.php with the backup in the forum directory and it resolved the problem.  Give it a try?

Also do you have RSS FeedPost?


Yes, I have RSS FeedPost installed... I actually went and have a look at the mod in admin when it happened... althought I didn't do anything as just to activate the fake cron job feature to test the time of various cron jobs! (Now that you mention it)

I'll try it, thanks!


No go! I tried to replace the index.php but it's not working! This is a reason for concern if this is happening!



Where you able to resolve this?
Sounds like something in your mysql crashed and needs repaired.
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I am experiencing the same error.
RSS feed is the culprit, as I must have retained crons that went to non-existant boards.
Have no idea how to fisx this in phpmyadmin, and I have tried many things to no avail.



Before you do anything make sure you have a backup.

Take a look at for info on repairing.


I finally figured it out by emptying all sorts of feed files.
Repair didn't cut it in this case, for anyone else's future reference.


So everything is working as you like?