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Started by Parham, August 24, 2003, 10:32:25 PM

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As the category description says, I'll be providing a series of PHP tutorials for people who want to learn the language.  Now before I say anything I want to make it VERY clear that these tutorials won't be too in-depth.  For example, we won't discuss minute time difference between different methods of doing something or strange ways to achieve something.  What this set of tutorials will do is give you the basic knowledge to go out and try things; they will be straightforward to be confusion very low.

The lessons will come out weekly to give people time to try the tutorials on their own.  The tutorials might sometimes give homework (which I WILL check) to see if everybody understands.  This is my way of contributing to the community, and it's something I'm very happy to do.  I've already gotten the developer's/admin's/moderator's feedback, and I'd appreciate any feedback the rest of you have.

I have already created a lesson plans which will be the next thing I'll post.

Jeff Lewis

Very nice! Should be helpful to some - I'm even getting my wife to see if she can follow along :)
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Joshua Dickerson

I hope you'll teach the 'better' way to do things (like echo, quotes, commas, procedural vs oo, arrays vs constants vs string/int/etc vs references, etc)
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we've discussed this issue pretty long already, better is relative, one might argue that one way is faster for the devs to code, while others argue that developer's coding speed/difficulty shouldn't matter compared with making the program faster by 0.01s.

i think it's all the matter of one's own preference, so it's better to provide the pro and contra of using all methods
i myself use mixed techniques, depending on the mood ;)


I'm trying to keep things as simple as possible (this sometimes affects speed).  I think I first need to get the groundwork done before going into specifics.


sweet :)

could have used this a few months back.. ;)

u'll catch up to where i am (not far... ) soon enough :)