Desperate to convert from XMB 1.9.11 to SMF

Started by Mauldraine, April 03, 2012, 04:54:29 AM

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Thank you.  I just sent you the log in information in PM.  I will sit here at the ready to provide any assistance you need.  Many thanks.


Definitely something weird going on there. I don't think there will be any fixing for this without having access to the database. If you don't mind giving me that access feel free to send it to me. Otherwise you might have to wait a couple of days until I can get back to looking at the conversion stuff .
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Thanks for looking at it.  I did go in to mysql and manually deleted those forums that weren't in a category.  They are gone and main menu looks like it should, but in the admin section we still cannot create another forum under any of the sections.  It gives us ...

An Error Has Occurred!
The board you specified doesn't exit

What is interesting is that it does create it, but not in the category we selected, but in a blank category and it appears down at the bottom of the home page.  Do you have access to the MySQL GUI tools?  Or I can always export the database to a sql file again and give it to you to look at.


Ok I have more information on the off chance that it will help ...

- You can create categories but they do not show up on the public view.  I'm assuming this is due to there being no boards created under that new category.

- You can click "Add Board" under that category and attempt to create it, but it will give you the error that I shared with you.

With all that being said, the new board that you just attempted to create does show up on the public view but not in the category that you created it in.  When I look in the smf_boards table, I can see the newly created board, but it looks as if it's not getting the correct id_cat.  No matter how many I try to create under that new category, they always get a id_cat of 255.



It surely helps, thank you for the explanation! The problem is that the SMF database structure is not fully compatible with xmb, and we have adapted it in the converter, but it needs one more adaptation:
The column id_cat in smf_boards table needs to be of a bigger integer type, i.e. smallint, mediumint or int, not tinyint as it comes with SMF by default.

You could do so in phpmyadmin, by:
- select your SMF database, and your smf_boards table
- in the 'structure' tab, 'edit' the id_cat column, and change the type, 'tinyint', to 'int'.
Please do keep a backup of your database before making such changes.

After this, your operations with boards and categories should work normally.

That means that the conversion missed a couple of your previous categories. If you wish, you can also, instead, try to reconvert, to have these back normally.
I will change the package above, with an updated one, in which the converter makes the change itself, so that boards fall normally under their respective categories during conversion process.
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Wow ... Now that was one of the easiest fixes I've had to do in a while.  It would seem that everything is working just superbly now.  You folks simply rock.  I have no doubt in my mind now that those community members of ours who constantly suggested that we move to SMF we correct in their assessment of the software and the team that supports it.

I wish you all a very Happy Easter.


So glad you are all fixed up! Happy Easter to you too!
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